Astro Playhouse is a play school spread over an area of 3500 sq. feet with provision of further extension. It was started by an ex – modernite in the year 1999 it is ideally located on the main road near V3S Mall, just one-minute drive from main Vikas Marg (Madhuban crossing). It is equipped with a variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities for children which the children thoroughly enjoy and learn. Children are taught to listen observe, explore and rise to their full potential. An endeavor is made to cultivate an empathetic imagination, where we teach our children to “feel for others”, so that they bloom into socially committed youngsters. Various modern teaching aids like charts, games, display boards etc are used for teaching the toddlers through play way methods. The main attraction for the little ones is the in – built swimming pool.

Our qualified and talented teachers ensure that individual attention is paid to each child. Periodic outings are organized to places of interest by the school.

New ideas are encouraged, excellence is acknowledged and a concerted effort is made to build an edifice of positive thinking on the foundation of self confidence.

‘Astro’ provides a stepping stone to that education, which contributes to the making of a full person.

Special care is taken to maintain a high standard of sanitation and cleanliness in school. Stress is laid on healthy and clean food habits.

Periodic parent teacher meetings are organized for the cordial interaction with parents for the benefit of our children.

Astro is a school that fosters intellectual training as well as imagination. We encourage inquisitive minds. Regular competitions are held for children to bring out the hidden talents in them. To name a few we have painting & drawing, paper tearing etc.

‘Astro playhouse’ constantly strives to provide inputs that will make our children grow in knowledge, awareness, curiosity, courage and resourcefulness.

We believe that ‘We engrave on those tablets, something that will brighter all eternity”.